Tatsumi Souichi

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Tatsumi Souichi

Postby Tatsumi Souichi » Sat Oct 09, 2010 6:26 pm

OoC Information

Preferred Name: Trinket
Age: 26
Other: Uhmnn... don't know what to put here.
How/Where did you here about us?: I started this forum? O.O

IC Information

Name: Tatsumi Souichi
Age: 20
DOB: August 2, 2992
Chinese Zodiac: Rat
Western Zodiac: Leo
Blood Type: A
DNA Code: Human + Vancouver Island Wolf and Mackenzie Valley Wolf

Mother: Tatsumi Hana
Father: Tatsumi Soujin
Twin Brother: Tatsumi ??? (born 30 minutes after Souichi)
Younger Brother: Tatsumi Tomoe
Younger Sister: Tatsumi Kanako
Youngest Sister: Tatsumi ???
Mate: Currently None

Appearance: Souichi Tatsumi has a rather slender body. Although he is slender he does have a muscular structure, even if it isn't quite as pronounced as others might be. Neither is he really short standing at 178cm or 5'10" and weighing in at 58kg or 128 pounds. Despite not weighing a whole lot he packs quite a punch due to his years of training in Kenpo.

Souichi is a blond with brains. His hair when not worn in a red hair tie reaches to the middle of his back, just a few inches or so above his elbows. At times his hair when lose seems to have a bit of a wave to it, though very slight and usually almost unnoticeable, but at times more pronounced. His bangs fall around and partially over his eyes which are somewhat almond shaped, the irises of which are shaped slightly like a diamond -- cat like eyes which are golden-brown in hue. His lashes are long and dark in comparison to his hair.

This man for the most part wears button down long sleeved shirts and jeans along with a pair of brown loafer like boots. A lot of the time he's also wearing a white or blue-jean jacket unless he's still got on his white lab coat depending on whether or not he intends to return to the lab that day.

Personality: Souichi is anti-social and stubborn, he would prefer to be working in the laboratory with microscopes and petri dishes. He never goes out of his way to make friends, he's the one who has to be approached, but even then he's not the type to converse with others much. Furthermore he even forgets peoples names whom he has met, even if he's been told their names a dozen times. Those who have tried to befriend him in the past have had a very difficult time of it; most of them giving up since they either found him either eccentric or just plain frightening. He just doesn't care that much for other people, except his family members and he is quite protective of them. Perhaps almost to protective to the point of being unbearable. It is rather difficult to get him to change his outlook when it comes to anything, often causing conflict within himself as he doesn't take to change easily.

He is also very hot tempered with a streak of violence, although he never hits anyone for no reason, it still is rude and he often goes overboard with it. Depending on the situation, his language is filled with profanities, mostly when something upsets him. When he himself feels pressured into getting things done like reports he really gets cranky.

Still Souichi is shy and not always exactly truthful with himself and can be easily embarrassed by certain things people might say. Even when reflecting on something, he'll cut himself off from the direction of his thoughts in one way or another and will try to make excuses for certain actions he might take if they seem to him not to match up with his own moral ethics. He's not even aware of his own sexuality due to never having been in any kind of relationship whether serious or not. Plus he can be at times rather clueless as to others motives -- at least where he's concerned, but when it has to deal with his family he's pretty spot on even if he is just guessing. There are also times when Souichi will blurt things out in the heat of a moment, that he'll retract by saying that that wasn't what he meant. However, perhaps subconsciously it probably was exactly what he meant, but just cannot admit it to himself.

Habits: Drinking and smoking when worried or stressed, or just when he feels the need to relax. Yelling or hitting someone when he's angry or even embarrassed. Once in awhile he might stutter too.

Skills: Reading, Research, Writing Reports, Chinese Martial Arts particularly Kenpo, Experimenting.

History: Tatsumi Souichi was the first child born to Tatsumi Soujin and his wife Hana twenty years ago. He grew up in Nagoya, Japan where he had very little time for making friends, especially with his father always away on research expeditions. Being the eldest of his siblings he felt a responsibility to act like the man of the house. During high school if he weren't studying he was working at a part time job along with his twin brother to make sure that they had enough coming in to take care of their mother and younger siblings. Although Souichi still insisted on treating his younger twin like he was even younger than him by more than just thirty minutes.

However Tatsumi Souichi is horrible at managing to cook or make any sort of decent meal, preferring to concentrate on his studies and experiments. The only place he's able to keep clean and organized his his lab area, whereas if it were not for his siblings and mother his room and anywhere else might have looked like a disaster area.


Turn ons: (He doesn't know he has most if any of these -- yet)
- Cuddling/snuggling
- Dark hair
- Being touched in any of the following spots
1. The sides over his hips
2. scalp
3. ears
4. neck
5. naval
6. abdomen
- Light Bondage
- Being Spanked
- Coercion/Seduction
- Biting
- Pinching

Turn offs:
- Shyness (even if he's rather shy himself)
- Being ridiculed
- Rudeness (even if he can be rude himself)
- Bathroom Sports
- Mummification
- Crucifixion
- Threesomes +
- Drugs
- Horrific hygiene
Tatsumi Souichi
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