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It has been a thousand years since the absolute and total obliteration of the creatures of and their habitats on the Earth occurred. At the time of the initial declaration of global nuclear war every nation released their nuclear bombs onto an unsuspecting world, not even telling the people what was going on. In truth it seemed as though everyone were going insane -- perhaps for power, or because of the spies that had infiltrated the system.

No one really knows for sure what happened exactly back then, for it has been far too long and too much data has been lost forevermore. Yet it was not just the radiation from the nuclear reactants that caused a strange mutation in the DNA of the human race. A race which had quickly been dwindling ever since that horrific day when the world erupted into darkness, beneath a burning black cloud. There was something else which helped to cause the mutation, the fusing of humans with that of animal DNA.

How did this come to pass? How did any creature human or not survive such harsh times? As usual -- only the strong and adaptable survive. Yet it was the humans who had the worst of it, but with the experiments of the last handful of remaining scientists who had escaped sudden death the humans would not completely become an extinct species.

It is unknown what chemicals, herbs and otherwise were mixed together in the containers that the scientists had co-created even as they slowly began to die off one by one due to the exposure to the radiation. Their experiment was in hopes of somehow saving the human race from becoming extinct. Only one or two of them survived to old age, but their knowledge has been lost forever as they died long ago and a book of their experiments has never been found. It seems as though it was all in their over-calculating heads. Whatever it was -- it caused a chain reaction once their pilot flew over the Earth to distribute it in what was left of any water supplies.

As it fell into the water, and from the sky onto the people, it reacted with the radiation from what was left behind of the horrendous nuclear warfare. Whatever animal was closest to the human at the time, their DNA somehow fused with it. Although the animal was unchanged and unharmed the human looked quite different. They gained certain features of that particular animal. Depending on the creature the characteristics the human gained could have included the ears, tail, claws/talons, wings, ability to breath under water, speed, stealth, dexterity, heightened senses, night vision, echo location, markings, estrus cycle and possibly the shape/color of the eyes. However the humans would not have fur/scales/feathers on them like the animal.

The only animal that a human with animal fused DNA could communicate with is that of the animal they were fused with. A human with feline DNA can only communicate with felines -- no other animal, except another human -- no matter what their DNA is.

There too, was something else which the radiation and scientific experiment caused. The details are not completely known, but same-sex couples are able to have children together. However it is a very rare occurrence. It is so rare and well guarded a secret by those who do know, that no one is aware unless they have already managed to have a baby. No one wants to let others know, since it is so rare and they may not wish to be seen as a freak or have their child taken away from them.
The Admin and possibly a Moderator may randomly choose a couple or someone who is single to get pregnant, if they've engaged in any behavior that even gives them the slightest possibility of becoming pregnant. There is also a form to be used if you wish your character to become pregnant and the Admin or Mod(s) will roll a pair of dice to decide the outcome of whether or not the character is pregnant and whether or not it is going to be a single or multiple birth and how likely a miscarriage might be.

It is however quite risky for males who are pregnant, the morality rate isn't too good, especially when so little is known about it. However if one can find a doctor whom is good and whom they trust a C-section is the best bet otherwise both the child and the one carrying the child will die. Due to not having a womb, miscarriages are much more likely, which can also result in complications if one does not have a doctor and preferably one who is somewhat knowledgeable about males having babies.

It is believed by those who do know that same-sex couples can reproduce together that the phenomenon occurred, because of radiation and that experiment, but also because the population was dwindling and the bodies adapted to make it possible for the re-population of the human race Earth. Although they're really not quite as human as they once were.

However only in the last 250 years has the reconstruction of the past begun as finally the radiation had vanished from the atmosphere and people were beginning to find old textbooks in the few places they had survived in order to learn more. Not only that the plants had begun to grow again and the sea became more abundantly filled with fish, though any creature under the sea had a higher rare of survival, especially the deeper and further out they were.

Reincarnation is a deep set belief by most people of the world, but the population for whatever reason seems to be more concentrated in Japan/Nihon. It is believed that those whom had died over a 1000 years ago were starting to be reborn in Neo Nihon or may already have been in the last couple of decades. Yet no one can remember their past life, but the red string of fate will often lead them to the one they should be with, though not every one in the world is always so lucky. That is, because of the choices made in the new life and that they may not have been born even in the same century.
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