Those whom have a desire to join, may wish to read the threads found within this particular board. In fact it is a requirement so that each and every potential future member will understand what is expected of them and what to expect from the game as a whole. Please also note that only registered users will be able to see the role-play section due to the rules found within this board.


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1. Respect and tolerate all other members, regardless of their religion, occupation, gender, race, etc.

2. Godmodding, powerplaying, meta-gaming of any sort is strictly prohibited.

3. Keep any OoC disputes away from IC.

4. Remember, the player is not their character.

5. There is no character limit, however please try to keep active with each.

6. Shota is strictly prohibited. Please be sure to read the Forum-hosts TOS if you haven't done so already.

7. Posts need to be at least 3 well developed sentences long, but it is appreciated that everyone tries their best to match their partner. However we do love quality over quantity! Just be sure your thread partner(s) have something with which they can reply to.

8. Posts should be written in third person, past tense, prose format.

9. Members need to be at least 18 years of age to join as this game is rated NC-17. Still, not every single thread has to be about sexual content or violence, this is just to allow a lot of leeway for plots that might involve something...

10. Reincarnation is allowed, so characters from manga/anime/game/etc are allowed. However they cannot remember their past lives and nor will they retain any superpowers they might have had. This is a different life after-all and any abilities they have now will be from the realistic characteristic(s) of the dominant animal DNA flowing through their veins. Please check the history for more information.

11. Those fused with wolf may of course start a pack for wolf characters if they so wish. Those fused with lion may of course start a pride if they so wish... etc.

12. Mpreg is allowed, but quite rare. Check the History page to learn more.
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